The Tower

  • Tower

    The Baudette, Minnesota, LORAN tower.

The small town of Baudette, Minnesota, sits on the U.S./Canadian border, about as far north in the contiguous U.S. as you can get. Famous for snowy winters and a giant concrete walleye that sits downtown, it’s also home to a decommissioned Coast Guard navigational beacon, a LORAN tower built to guide people across and around the Great Lakes.

The tower is a Baudette landmark, rising hundreds of feet above the bog that surrounds town and signaling to drivers that they’re almost home. But recently, it marked the sudden end of another traveller’s journey. In the latest installment of their Song+Stories series, in which musicians contribute original songs that contribute to the narrative, Dan Collison and Elizabeth Meister worked with the band Mountain Man. Together, they share this tale of avian navigation gone wrong.