Nachusa Grasslands (for the Nature Conservancy)

  • Bill and Mary

    Nachusa preserve manager Bill Kleiman and volunteer Mary Scott

This is one of our favorites — a profile of Jay Stacy and Mary Scott, two volunteers at Nachusa Grasslands, an ambitious and beautiful native prairie restoration project managed by The Nature Conservancy in north-central Illinois.

Jay Stacy
Jay Stacy

We originally profiled Jay and Mary as part of a short radio piece, but at the request of the folks at Nachusa, who were especially moved by the story, we agreed to craft a version that they could use in presentations to fundraise and rally volunteers.  If you listen, we bet you agree — there are few fundraising pitches we’ve ever heard that are as heartfelt and effective as this one.

Personal stories, crafted in an intimate, textured way, and told with conviction by people who care deeply about what they’re doing – these are incredibly simple, but powerful tools for every organization.

Mary Scott — who was one of the most inspiring people we’ve ever met — passed away in 2011. Here’s Jay’s tribute to her.