Environmental & Conservation Storytelling Work

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Much of Long Haul’s best work, both for NPR and for other not-for-profits, has been inspired by environmental or conservation issues and projects.  We highlighted some of our favorites in our recent What’s the Story workshop, presented in April, 2014, at the Land Trust Alliance’s Midwest workshop in Holland, Michigan.  

Each of the stories we played fit into our “storytelling narrative” — here’s the program outline we gave LTA participants.  This will set up some of what you hear below.

  • This collaboration with Southwest Michigan Land Conservancy uses the story of a conservation easement donor, Jan Burda, to demonstrate how a simple story, well told, can be used to educate and demystify something as potentially off-putting as the conservation easement process, as well as to introduce and build trust in a conservation organization, and to demonstrate the ways in which land can change a person’s life.
  • And finally, this excerpt from an NPR piece on the Berrien County Birdathon is a great example of using storytelling to get the word out about an organization’s activities in a community — a way to get community members involved and excited in conservation and environmentally-themed activities and work.

As a further introduction to our environmentally-themed work, we recommend you listen to some of these pieces, which were broadcast nationally on NPR.