Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation & StoryCorps

  • Callie and her Dad @ the StoryCorps' Airsteam

    StoryCorps' Airstream (with Callie and her Dad) outside the Gates Foundation offices

In collaboration with StoryCorps’ Door to Door program, Long Haul consulted and edited a poignant series – Inspiration Stories  for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  The series was distributed and thrived on social media, particularly on Twitter (#inspirationstory) and Facebook. It demonstrated a brilliant way to use personal stories to inspire communities to positive action.

Callie & her Dad
Callie & her Dad

One of our favorite Inspiration Stories tells the story of Callie’s Coffee.  From the Gates’ website:

Callie’s young friend, Ben, died at the age of 3-1/2 from an incurable form of neuroblastoma and Callie wanted help prevent other children from suffering the way Ben and his family did. Today, Callie’s ships coffee all across the country, with 100% of the profits going to the Ben Towne Foundation. Callie started more than just a non-profit – she inspired her father to quit his job and devote his time to supporting the cause. Callie shows us that the inspiration to make a difference can truly come from anywhere.

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