Dovekie’s DNA (Part One)

  • Dovekie's adoption

    Dan holds Dovekie as we adopt him from his birth family (his Golden Retriever Mom, Charlie, is stage right).

  • Elizabeth & Dovekie
  • Lil' Guy
  • Schnauzerhead?
  • Dovekie & Fern

When we went in search of a new puppy a few years ago, we thought long and hard about what breed might be best for us – and since we’d loved and lost a Lab, and had a wonderful Golden Retriever, we thought for sure that an internet classified ad for Chocolate Lab/Golden puppies would lead us to the perfect litter.  We met the pups and  instantly fell in love with one sweet but suave black fella, who we adopted and named Dovekie.  It was only when Dovekie began sprouting eyebrows and a beard that we began to think we’d mistakenly adopted a junior Sasquatch instead.  So, we investigated!  Listen to the story,  as heard on All Things Considered and KCRW’s Unfictional.  And once you’ve made your own guess as to Dovekie’s REAL breed, mosey on over to Part Two for the thrilling conclusion.