Long Haul’s Complete Story Archive

Here you’ll find 25 years of Long Haul storytelling — with audio.

American Justice

Stories with a social justice emphasis, including explorations of the prison system.

American Workers

Profiles of Americans on the job.

Award Winners

A collection of our best, most-recognized work.

Baseball Stories

Stories from around the diamond.


Stories from urban neighborhoods across America.

Heartland Chronicles

Stories from small towns and forgotten places in rural America.

On a Lark

Small vignettes we couldn't resist.

Short Hauls

Small stories, small vignettes, that transport listeners to a particular place or time ...


A Long Haul creation: collaborations with songwriters in which the song is as much a character as the people we follow.

Stories for Organizations

Our portfolio of stories crafted in partnership with StoryCorps, and other not-for-profits, foundations, and businesses.

The Environment

Flora, fauna, frogs and hogs -- stories of our place in the natural world.

Waiting It Out

Long Haul classics: longitudinal documentaries following Americans through transitions.