Movin’ Out the Bricks

  • Coco and daughters

    Photo by Patrica Evans

In the fall of 2002, Catherine Means was living on the tenth floor of what she describes as “hell” — Chicago’s Stateway Gardens high-rise housing project. In September, she finally got out from under the “bricks” at Stateway and into her first private-market apartment. Her move was one that thousands of public housing residents are making, as the Chicago Housing Authority systematically demolishes its notorious high-rise projects in favor of redeveloped mixed-income communities and Section 8 apartments. Coco, who, like her mom and grandmother has never had a real job, argues the move will “get me off my behind” and force her to do something with her life. But do things really change when you change your address? Long Haul followed Coco and her kids for over a year, from Stateway to her new apartment on the South Side.

Produced in 2003. Winner, the Society of Professional Journalists’ Award for Best National Radio Documentary.