Dear Birth Mother

  • Loretta and Suzanne

After waiting for Mr. Right – and after years of fertility treatments – Suzanne, a single woman in her forties, decided to adopt. She chose transracial adoption. We follow her through workshops designed to “teach white people to raise kids of color,” baby-shopping trips with Mom at Target, a critical rendezvous with a young mother at a pancake house, and, finally, a magical night at a suburban restaurant chain. We followed Suzanne for several months as she waited to see if she would become a parent; she offered extraordinary access into her home, and really, into every aspect of her life. We first met Suzanne in 2004, and documented her last in vitro fertilization attempt in “IVF: Suzanne’s Story.”

Winner of the 2005 Third Coast International Audio Festival Gold Award for best radio documentary, and recipient of an honorable mention in the 2006 Casey Medals for Meritorious Journalism Awards.