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Nick’s Funeral Song: Lady in Black

As you heard in the story, Nick and his stepdad Michael bonded over their love for the superhero Thor … but they were equally crazy for the band Uriah Heep.  Michael turned Nick on to Uriah, and Uriah’s Lady in Black quickly … Continue reading

Nick, Michael, and the Mighty Thor

Nick’s stepdad, Michael Geiger, and his mom, Anna Rodriguez, talk about Nick’s love for the comic book god Thor, and debate whether Nick might have thought himself “a little bit of a superhero” when he went off to fight in … Continue reading

Honoring Military Suicide Victims

In this video, Lance Corporal Nicholas Rodriguez’s mom, Anna Rodriguez, describes her frustration that Nick’s name is not included on a local memorial to fallen soldiers.  Anna learned shortly after Nick’s death that the Schnecksville, Pennsylvania, memorial only engraves the … Continue reading

Brother Ken

In 1963, Ken Lucus quit high school,  joined the Marines and went to Vietnam. He was 18 years old.  He’s now a Franciscan Friar working in the Albany, NY jail. He tells the story of how he got from there … Continue reading


Every year wild boar cause an estimated 1.8 billion dollars in damage to farms, lawns, and natural areas, primarily in the southern United States. Experts contend the roaming swine also carry a number of diseases that could infect commercial herds … Continue reading

The Natural State

Faulkner County, Arkansas, has a whole lotta shakin’ going on.   Some of it is from the cash infusion brought on by the gold-rush like influx of natural gas fracking in the community, with over 3,000 new wells drilled in … Continue reading

The Tower

The small town of Baudette, Minnesota, sits on the U.S./Canadian border, about as far north in the contiguous U.S. as you can get. Famous for snowy winters and a giant concrete walleye that sits downtown, it’s also home to a … Continue reading

Dovekie’s DNA (Part One)

When we went in search of a new puppy a few years ago, we thought long and hard about what breed might be best for us – and since we’d loved and lost a Lab, and had a wonderful Golden … Continue reading

Dovekie’s DNA (Part Two)

You found it!  Here’s the exciting (we hope) conclusion, in which we learn whether Dovekie – allegedly a Chocolate Lab/Golden Retriever mix — is really all that.  As heard on All Things Considered and KCRW’s Unfictional. For those that fall in love with the … Continue reading

Journey of the Asian Carp

This is the story of a good fish gone bad … an immigrant brought here with good intentions … a tasty fillet with a bad rap. A victim of stereotypes. Of fish profiling. A fish that can fly! And, a … Continue reading

Link to Life (for HealthConnect One)

  HealthConnect One, a Chicago-based not-for-profit, collaborated with Long Haul to collect and produce personal stories intended to encourage pregnant African-American and Hispanic women to donate their child’s umbilical cord blood to a not-for-profit cord blood bank.  Cord blood donations are … Continue reading

Si Se Puede

It’s been 71 years since the “strike heard round the world” – when autoworkers in Flint, Michigan, occupied a General Motors plant and and jumpstarted the union movement in the United States. But in recent years, as the power of … Continue reading

Sign Thieves

The presidential election of 2008 was particularly acrimonious in rural America. At Long Haul, we saw it first-hand in our own neighborhood when a neighbor, who’d had his sign stolen one too many times, encased his Obama for President sign … Continue reading

Anjelica (for the W.K. Kellogg Foundation)

Audio interviews yield great, emotional moments.  But they also can be used – as the Kellogg Foundation did in our collaboration – as the basis for features in informational and promotional materials.  We interviewed Angelica, a young gang member in Detroit’s … Continue reading

Loaves and Fishes

Since the 1930s, delighted throngs have gathered just outside Linesville, Pennsylvania, to toss bread to a writhing stew of carp and ducks at the Linesville Spillway. The carp are so thick that mallard ducks literally hop, skip and jump on … Continue reading

Autism Chronicles

Most autism experts generally agree that early intervention beginning immediately after diagnosis can help a child conquer some of the most debilitating aspects of the disorder. Yet, society’s approach when it comes to helping these children is slipshod. Some parents … Continue reading

Hospice Chronicles

Over the course of eight months, Long Haul followed two hospice volunteers through their training and first assignments in patients’ homes. Trained to provide “respite care,” the volunteers set out to give family members a break from their caretaking responsibilities. … Continue reading

North Dakota Grocery

Usually, the opening of a grocery store in a small North Dakota town wouldn’t get our attention. But in 2007, in New England, ND — which had been without a grocery store for a year-and-a-half — it was cause for … Continue reading

Canary Song Trials

Back in 1934, a group of eight women in Milton, Massachussetts gathered with a goal: to create an uniquely tuneful pet canary for American homes. The result of their breeding experiments was the American Singer Canary, specially-built to produce the … Continue reading

Nachusa Grasslands (for the Nature Conservancy)

This is one of our favorites — a profile of Jay Stacy and Mary Scott, two volunteers at Nachusa Grasslands, an ambitious and beautiful native prairie restoration project managed by The Nature Conservancy in north-central Illinois. We originally profiled Jay and Mary as … Continue reading

Nachusa Volunteers

About twenty years ago, some locals got together with The Nature Conservancy to buy about 300 acres that was slated to become a subdivision near the town of Dixon, Illinois. Since then, Nachusa Grasslands has grown to some 3,500 acres, … Continue reading

The Sad Decline of the Passenger Pigeon

At one time, it was believed there were as many as five billion passenger pigeons in eastern North America. By the mid nineteenth century, their numbers began to decline sharply – killed by sportsman, commercial hunters and by farmers angry … Continue reading

Walking With My Father

Charlie Rizzo’s dad died about twenty-five years ago, but he remains a constant presence in Charlie’s life. As a very young boy, Charlie’s mother and father split up, and Charlie’s mom took him to Los Angeles, leaving his father, Matt … Continue reading