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The Lights of Wrigleyville – for ESPN

We’re thrilled to bring you our first collaboration with ESPN’s acclaimed 30 for 30 Podcasts: THE LIGHTS OF WRIGLEYVILLE. For 40+ years, Wrigley Field was the only Major League baseball park without lights.  Every single game was played during the … Continue reading

The Ibrahim Parlak Project

In July, 2016, we’ll begin sharing community stories around Turkish Kurd Ibrahim Parlak, whose long, convoluted immigration case is nearing its twentieth year. We’re also producing a longer documentary for a national podcast. We’ll post updates here soon.

Learning to Live: James’ Story

“Learning to Live: James’ Story” is the story of an ex-felon’s transition from prison to the free world. James, who narrates, is 38 and has been in and out of prison all his adult life. After completing a seven-year prison … Continue reading

American Dreamer

American schools teach students that with hard work, they can realize their dreams. But some kids do everything right, only to graduate from high school and find the American Dream isn’t for them. Sam was brought to the United States … Continue reading

Memories of the Dogs in Our Lives

The first time we walked into the Dog Chapel, we cried – hard.  But our tears weren’t so much in grief; they were rooted more in release, in a recognition of the amazing bond we all have with our animal companions, and … Continue reading

Labor of Love Parties

Every summer, Dog Mountain hosts a Labor of Love party, where volunteers come from around the Northeast to paint, polish, and spruce things up.  This sign, outside the Gallery, got the royal treatment in 2014.

The Angel Dog

This Angel Dog sticker (which is tucked in a corner of a Gallery window), is emblematic of Dog Mountain.  The Angel Dog appears everywhere, as different breeds, in different colors and sizes, but always with golden wings.  Here, Gwen Huneck’s brother, … Continue reading

The Memorials Tell a Story

Some memorials include nothing more than a name and a date, but others are more elaborate, and include drawings and stories.

More Names, More Memorials, All Love

As we’ve worked on this website and story, we’ve thought often about the many dogs (and cats) in our lives, both past and present. They’ve been the best teachers we’ve ever had, and we’ve been honored to share our days with them. We couldn’t … Continue reading

Milo’s Spirit

Many people make the pilgrimage to Dog Mountain with photos, artifacts, and notes already tucked in their pockets. Some come with ashes to scatter on the grounds.

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation & StoryCorps

In collaboration with StoryCorps’ Door to Door program, Long Haul consulted and edited a poignant series – Inspiration Stories – for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  The series was distributed and thrived on social media, particularly on Twitter (#inspirationstory) and Facebook. It demonstrated … Continue reading

The Dog Chapel

Long Haul’s newest documentary, The Dog Chapel, will air this fall on KCRW’s Unfictional.  We’ll post here with broadcast details when they are finalized.

Environmental & Conservation Storytelling Work

Much of Long Haul’s best work, both for NPR and for other not-for-profits, has been inspired by environmental or conservation issues and projects.  We highlighted some of our favorites in our recent What’s the Story workshop, presented in April, 2014, at … Continue reading

Atlantic Philanthropies & StoryCorps

In recent months, Long Haul has been working in partnership with StoryCorps on a major storytelling project for Atlantic Philanthropies.  We’ll share the launch here in the first half of 2014. But meanwhile, this terrific conversation between Nicholas Peart and Frank Lopez … Continue reading

Other StoryCorps Partnerships

In addition to major projects for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Atlantic Philanthropies, StoryCorps and Long Haul have worked in partnership to edit more than a hundred interviews for other clients through the Door to Door program, including the … Continue reading

Nuclear Weapons Disassemblers

Once, workers at the Pantex weapons plant in Amarillo, Texas, built nuclear weapons — now they dismantle them. The above video was posted on YouTube by ‘headysauce’ as a tribute to Kurt Vonnegut who wrote in Slaughterhouse Five: “American planes, … Continue reading

Nick’s Twin Brother: Tony

Nick Rodriguez left behind a twin brother, Tony Rodriguez.  Tony, who enrolled in the Navy just after Nick joined the Marines, left the Armed Services shortly after Nick’s suicide.  The twins’ mom and stepdad, Anna and Michael, describe Tony’s reaction … Continue reading

Nick’s Obituary

Writing an obituary for a soldier who committed suicide can be difficult, and the families of many veterans simply prefer to keep the details of their loved one’s death private.  But as Anna Rodriguez explains in this audio clip, she … Continue reading

Meeting Anna & Michael

We were lucky enough to meet Michael Geiger and Anna Rodriguez at a Warrior Songs event in Allentown, Pennsylvania, featuring Iraq war veteran and songwriter Jason Moon.   Warrior Songs was founded by Moon to bring healing to veterans and their … Continue reading

Coming Home: Nick’s Story

The full audio of Coming Home: Nick’s Story — the cautionary tale of the story Marine Lance Corporal Nicholas Rodriguez’s service in the Marine Corps, as told by his mother, Anna Rodriguez, and his stepfather, Michael Geiger.

Anna Remembers Nick

Nick’s mom, Anna Rodriguez, talks about life without Nick, and shows us the shrine she set up in his memory in the dining room of her home with Nick’s stepdad, Michael, in Whitehall, Pennsylvania.