Atlantic Philanthropies & StoryCorps

  • Nicholas Peart (center) with his brothers. Photo by Harvey Wang.

    Nicholas Peart (center) with his brothers.  Photo by Harvey Wang.

In recent months, Long Haul has been working in partnership with StoryCorps on a major storytelling project for Atlantic Philanthropies.  We’ll share the launch here in the first half of 2014.

Nicholas Peart & Frank Lopez
Nicholas Peart & Frank Lopez

But meanwhile, this terrific conversation between Nicholas Peart and Frank Lopez about New York City’s controversial Stop and Frisk program – part of the Atlantic Philanthropies project – already was featured as part of the Friday StoryCorps’ segment on NPR’s Morning Edition. It’s a fantastic example of storytelling’s ability to examine the impact of policy on the personal, exploring what’s at stake for regular people.  And it’s all done in an intimate, visceral way that listeners won’t forget.