The Military Suicide Epidemic: an NPR series

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Coming Home was the inaugural story in a special three-day NPR series exploring military suicides.  NPR’s Quil Lawrence followed Coming Home with two reports on the military’s efforts to confront the epidemic.

Part Two: A look at one Army base where the suicide rate is down. At Ft. Bliss in Texas, an aggressive suicide awareness campaign pushes soldiers to intervene if they suspect one of their peers is suicidal. NPR’s Quil Lawrence visited Ft. Bliss and tells the stories of two soldiers grappling with the question of whether to intervene to stop a potential suicide.

Part Three: One of the biggest obstacles to getting help for suicidal troops may be the macho military culture that stigmatizes any admission of weakness. At Ft. Bliss, leaders are trying to change that culture. NPR’s Quil Lawrence reports with the story of one combat vet, detailing the trauma he experienced in battle, how he tried to take his life, and how he eventually sought help. Quil also spoke with host Robert Siegel about the lessons learned from the Ft. Bliss program and whether the rest of the military is adopting best practices in the effort to cut the number of suicides among troops.